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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Apr 12, 2019

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This Episode: Michelle Perkins

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Learn from Michelle’s journey as we discuss, money, money money, MONEY:

  • Money Mindset
  • Money and Emotions
  • Money and Overwhelm

Michelle Perkins is the CEO of Limit Free Life, a coaching and personal development company designed to help men and women create financial prosperity and freedom while doing work they love. Michelle values work, and her mission is to help ambitious, driven professionals move into (or better yet, create) work that •satisfies the soul •makes them feel the way they want to feel •creates the financial prosperity that they need and want •empowers them to live the life they desire. Services include: career transition coaching, reinvention at all stages of life, and working with entrepreneurs to improve business acumen, self-awareness and leadership skills to create a profitable enterprise they love.. A special focus of her work is lifting barriers to success by uncovering underlying money beliefs, illuminating what’s driving money behavior, and paving the way for a better relationship with money and increased wealth. As an MBA with several coaching certifications, and a former CPA and corporate business consultant, she combines a strong background in finance, entrepreneurship and transition management with an intuitive coaching style. Michelle is a speaker, writer and regular radio show guest.

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