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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Mar 16, 2019

Hey Sassy Wine Mermaid!

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This Episode:

Learn from Kathryn’s journey as we discuss:

  • Juggling a newborn and a 25 city book tour!
  • The real cause of burnout
  • Managing a husband, 4 kids, and multiple business ventures


Kathryn’s Bio:

Kathryn Alice is a bestselling author with an internationally known brand. She is one of the most successful life coaches in the world. She directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for six years. Her work has helped tens of thousands find love and has been featured in Psychology Today, Parade Magazine, The New York Times, AP, Daily Mail, Body+Soul Magazine and on Montel &NBC. She teaches all over the world and has also mentored many well-known teachers to their success.

You can find Kathyrn in the webisphere here:




Kathryn’s Free Gift To You: