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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Mar 9, 2019

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This Episode:

Learn from Michelle’s journey as we discuss:

  • The Freedom of Sticking to A Schedule
  • Minding Your Mind
  • Self-Worth and Pricing Your Products and Services
  • How Investing in Yourself Through Hiring a Coach Can Be Transformative

Michelle’s Bio:

Michelle Wisdom-Ellis is a New York-based copywriter and marketing strategist who works with bold entrepreneurs to help make their stories come to life and their profits increase with honesty that sells. Her specialties include lavish web copy, compelling stories, guaranteed to be read marketing emails, and top-selling sales pages. Michelle infuses character and soul into every piece of writing she creates. She owns a thriving business doing what she loves, is happily married, and has four children that light up her life. You can enjoy her priceless, yet free word strategy and marketing tips by signing up for a weekly dose on her site at