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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Apr 6, 2019

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In this episode, I chat with Business Abundance Coach Zahra Efan! Learn from Zahra’s journey as we discuss:

  • What is the number 1 thing business owners need to do to start making money without overwhelm?
  • Why doing right thing in the right order is important to make money and avoid overwhelm?
  • What are the stages of business and why is it important to understand them in order to make money with ease?

Zahra helps heart centered women entrepreneurs create success with ease. She helps them eliminate overwhelm, make smart business decisions and create success working 20 hours or less.
Zahra has given many key note speeches, taught workshops, written for many reputable magazines and is a sought out speaker on teleclasses worldwide. She combines her sales and marketing experience with her intuition to guide her clients to greater abundance. She has done over 30 media interviews and has an international client base. To get a free video e-course on 3 mistakes heart centered women entrepreneurs make that prevents them from making the income they desire in their business, visit