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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

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Oct 24, 2019

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This Episode: Simone Allison
Simone Allison Author Disempowered No More
Deciding to walk away from a 17-year marriage that was one-sided, unhappy, and unfulfilling is one of the most difficult predicaments a wife and mother of two must face, but just imagine facing another significant loss simultaneously – the loss of a loved one. 
Simone Allison is a Female Empowerment Coach and International Bestselling author. In her book, Disempowered No More: A Spiritual Journey to Discovering Purpose, Power, & Passion After DivorceSimone chronicles her harrowing journey in separating from her husband of 17 years and the death of her father. After the traumatic events, Simone experienced symptoms of PTSD – and ultimately intense anxiety, bouts of depression and panic attacks. Trying to reconciliation with her husband, she encountered physical, mental, and emotional abuse from him. Simone felt loss and alone. It was time to get up and move forward. Having a background as a mental health therapist and life coach, Simone used her skills, knowledge, grit, and determination to overcome the debilitating effects she endured as a result of losing her father, her marriage and the abuse that followed. Simone underwent a spiritual awakening, experiencing numerous synchronicities and supernatural occurrences – and slowly understood she was receiving divine guidance. Disempowered No More is Simone’s journey to overcoming struggles, fears, and perceived limitations.

Simone uses her own personal journey to help women to move from a place of FEAR to a space of LOVE. She brings a unique holistic and spiritual- based approach to help you to achieve your overall well-being and back into a journey toward self-love. She offers women the tools and empowerment to overcome the struggles in their life by recognizing and taping into your own innate strength. Learn how to reclaim your personal power, to find your inner voice, and to establish healthy boundaries in their relationships.
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