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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

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May 15, 2018

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This Episode:

Julie is a happily re-married woman who helps women navigate the turbulent waters of divorce.

Julie Danielson is a Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has her MBA from APU and is certified from the Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching (iPEC). She’s also certified as an “Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner” (ELI-MP) and a certified practitioner of Nuero-Linguistic Programming. 


Julie works with women that are in some phase of Divorce Recovery to midlife dating. She currently teaches an E-course for Women on how to have a more fulfilled life after Divorce, check it out at

In her free time Julie runs, ski’s and writes. Rain or shine you will find her at her mountain cabin with her two TWEEN aged boys and wonderful second husband.


Find Julie at