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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for visiting the Peace Love & Wine Podcast page. The PLW podcast will have you looking forward to Happy Hour conversations with awesome women and fempreneurs on self-care, sisterhood, and creative living to reduce stress and maximize joy.

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Sep 16, 2019

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to a Sunday release of the Peace Love & Wine Podcast. While my goal is to release weekly episodes on Wine Wednesdays, sometimes it happens on different days of the week.

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Sparkly Wine Mermaid Tiffany


This Episode: Erica Wilkerson

Army Veteran and RN discusses overcoming her own challenges and now helps women do the same. We talk about reintegration after a deployment, tuning into one's gifts and overcoming emotional abuse.

Erica is a Female Empowerment Coach and international bestselling author of, Perfectly Imperfect: Break Through the Shame, Silence, and Self-Doubt. She is the Girlfriend's Girlfriend here to help give a positive perception on self and remove self-limiting mind-sets. She focuses on self-care, selflove, creating a vision and goals so one can achieve their personal best. She offers women three simple steps to guide them back to who they want to be; BE, KNOW, and DO. They are given daily routines to reinforce a new mindset and selfcare guidelines for women to walk away feeling empowered every day.

Perfectly Imperfect: Break Through the Shame, Silence, and Self-Doubt #1 in 3 countries and in multiple categories such as Self-Esteem and Self-Help for Success. Get Erica's Book on Amazon by clicking this link

Erica's Facebook Group: Perceptive Living With Erica