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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for visiting the Peace Love & Wine Podcast page. The PLW podcast will have you looking forward to Happy Hour conversations with awesome women and fempreneurs on self-care, sisterhood, and creative living to reduce stress and maximize joy.

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Jan 2, 2018

Grab a notebook, a glass of wine or your beverage of choice, and get comfy in those yoga pants as we dive into another episode from the Virtual Happy Hour Retreat Series with Valerie D'Ambrosio.



For over two decades, as The Connection Coach, Valerie has been guiding people to create extraordinary,...

Jan 2, 2018

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This Episode: Sales Coach Jessica Lorimer discusses her journey from successful corporate wage slave to wage slave burnout. And now, successful online...

Jan 1, 2018

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Grab a notebook, a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) and get comfy in those yoga pants as we dive right into the deep end.

Dr. Kori Propst


This Episode:

  • How to change your own unwanted behavior and lean into discomfort
  • Emotional Eating...

Jan 1, 2018

Kate is one of those women who exudes energy, confidence, and love. This gal captivated me. While we were talking she was recording from her home in Bali while I was in Long Beach CA and it felt like we were sitting right next to each other.


Jan 1, 2018

Hello Gorgeous Wine Mermaid! Welcome to Happy Hour!

Please note this isn't for sensitive ears or the easily offended.

In this show, we will swim through the topics of sisterhood, business, creative living, maximizing joy and minimizing stress. But we do approach about topics from A-Z, including sexuality.

Do you get...