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Peace Love And Wine Podcast

Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for visiting the Peace Love & Wine Podcast page. The PLW podcast will have you looking forward to Happy Hour conversations with awesome women and fempreneurs on self-care, sisterhood, and creative living to reduce stress and maximize joy.

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Feb 1, 2020

Hello Gorgeous!

Let's do Happy Hour.

This Episode: Sheilla Dare

Recorded From Our Room at She Podcasts Live 2019 - We Discuss Sheilla's Sober October, Battling Your Inner Critic and Accountability for Scary Goals

Here we are in January 2020 Celebrating the release of Sheilla's podcast with a glass of bubbly, her first...

Jan 23, 2020

Hello Gorgeous!

Let's do Happy Hour.

This Episode: Emeraude La Starr

It was the end of October 2019 and I had a goal to debut in burlesque before the year's end. I had only taken one burlesque dance class and was looking for some way to make my burly dreams come true. The magic of Facebook/Google somehow led me to...

Nov 2, 2019

Hello Gorgeous!

$1 Sand Dollar Birthday Deal ends Sun 11/3.

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Apr 19, 2019

Today you get a real treat in our gorgeous speaker Hemalayaa.  I met Hemalayaa at a mastermind retreat we both attended and I knew she was something special.

During our interview I could really feel her magnetic energy. Perhaps you’ll join us for an in-person workshop sometime in San Diego, CA.


Hemalayaa empowers...

Feb 25, 2019

Hi Gorgeous Mermaid!

This episode is a quickie. Enjoy. ;)

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